Neuromuscular Reeducation

Neuromuscular Reeducationism (NMR) is a hands-on technique and approach to the evaluation and functional treatment of soft tissue injuries that occur via trauma, repetitive motion, or chronic postural fatigue.

When a muscle, connective tissue, tendon, or any area undergoes injury, the body handles it with an inflammatory response to the tissues (swelling). This inflammation becomes hyperplasia (increased build up) of the affected tissue, followed by a fibrous healing, and the laying down of elastic (poorly vascularized scar tissue) to protect the involved areas. These are further known as adhesions and occur wherever damage and inflammation have occurred, limiting both strength and range of motion.

NMR locates these adhesions that are specifically related to abnormal motion and due to old trauma. By applying deep and, what some may consider painful, pressure to the specific areas of the affected tissues, motion can be restored. NMR works from origin to the insertion of the muscles involved, and function is often increased after just one session. 

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